Tortora Dei Casoni rossa

Red Casonis Turtledove

Prezzo €450.00 Saldo

The " Water Glass Collection" is entirely handmade by the glassmaster Giancarlo Signoretto, working on ideas, designs and projects of the designer, Chiaramonte Marin. The Venetian lagoon is life, and its alive: this is the thought that started the " Water Glass Collection". The animals that have always lived in the Venetian Lagoon and it's sandbanks, come brren of their details allowing the cleanliness of their forms and the preciousness of Murano glass to give life to vases and masterpieces of design destined to increase their value over time. The fusion between the glass and the steel support system eventually exalts the inconsistency and lightness already inherent in Murano's artistic glass characteristics.The Casoni Turtledove is a single-vessel vase. The forms perfection is deduced from the masterpieces simplicity, which is composed with a metallic base, a body created with the glass blowing technique, and an oval form of black representing the birds head. Masterpieces colour: Red glass canes.