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The so called "glassmasters goto" is the Murano glass drinking glass that represents the glass master and the workplace, meaning the productive unite, of the muranese tradition. The goto is the glassmasters drinking glass: during the intense working days, to refresh himself, he takes a small amount of glass from his melting pot and creates his own drinking glass, using the glass blowing technique. This is not an exageration if it is said that goto is the symbol of this secular craftsmanship: the blown drinking glass of tradition, coloured and beautiful. The goto is then evolved in a more modern and designful manner, maintaining its peculiarity: no drinking glass can be exactly as the other. The Abate Zanetti "goti" make every moment special: using them means emerging in history of every days normality!

Abate Zanetti dedicates alot of care in its creation of its blown drinking glasses, recreating schemes of traditional and modern colours, keeping each of them unique and handmade. 

Wether you're toasting with friends, tasting some fine wine or drinking some water, the Murano glass glasses, coloured with Muranos traditional colours, are the right choice to enrich your table and make it unique.

Murano glass drinking glasses, a timeless luxury for your home. 

Abate Zanetti has been producing Murano drinking glasses, in its own furnace, since 1862.

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