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Abate Zanetti Murano presents his collection of drinking glasses, colored, ideal for water or to serve cocktails making your table new, original and unique. The set of glasses are inspired by Venetian "goti", designed by glass masters themselves to quench their thirst during the hot days of work.
Abate Zanetti's glassware is a romantic collection of colored drinking glasses: Flair, like the lightness and the elegance combined with the exclusivity that characterizes these sets of glasses. Ideal for serving water or containing colorful cocktails, they make unique and inimitable every moment of everyday life.
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Look at our centerpiece ideas to turn your party table into something special. Be it your wedding, birthday, or graduation party a centerpiece vase is ideal to drive your guests’ attention to the main table.
Our furnace in Murano, the island home to the millenarian glassmaking tradition of Venice, can produce glass centerpieces of your desired shape and color. Large vases for centerpieces make your table emerge and be remembered.
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